About Us

Buford Choi Kwang Do is owned and operated by Charles and Jennifer Gettig and Gene S. Kerley. Located at 1620 Buford Hwy in Buford, Georgia, our studio has provided martial arts training for hundreds of children and adults for over 14 years. We offer an excellent afterschool program, action filled summer camps, and flexible class schedules to meet the needs of our students.

If you are interested in learning more about our studio, please drop by or give us a call at (770) 271-8822.

You can find out more about the owners in their brief bio below:


Master Gettig

Master Charles Gettig

The ever-striving challenge to obtain Black Belt excellence is the character and attitude of Choi Kwang-Do instructor, Master Charles Gettig. Master Gettig started training in Matial Arts at the age of 10. He is a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He started training in the style of Choi Kwang-Do in 1993 and achieved his 1st degree Black belt and certified as a chief Instructor in 1995. In 2010 Master Gettig travelled to Seoul Korea with Grandmaster Choi and other CKD instructors to introduce Choi Kwang Do to the Korean people at the first ever Korea CKD Seminar. While there Master Gettig had the privilege of testing in front of a panel of CKD and Korean Masters and earned his 5th Degree Black belt and the distinguished title of "Master". Master Gettig is the co-owner and head chief instructor at the Buford Choi Kwang-Do Institute located in Buford. Here he teaches his students from ages 3 to 60 about the moral fiber of the Martial Arts, including the Principles of Choi Kwang-Do (Humility, Honesty, Gentleness, Perseverance, Self-Control & Unbreakable Spirit). When continuously learned and diligently practiced students can see how Martial Arts promote self-improvement. For the past 17 years, Master Gettig has dedicated his life to the art of Choi Kwang-Do, which focuses on personal health and self-defense. Training under the art's founder, Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi, Master Gettig was appointed as a member on the Georgia Choi Kwang-Do examination committee in the year 2000. Master Gettig has fostered an environment promoting personal excellence and enabling continued growth with no small degree placed on the element of fun for his students. Leading the way with the Buford Choi Kwang-Do Junior Demo Team, his goal of promoting Black Belt Excellence is an everyday task where the "can do" attitude is exemplified. Under the leadership of Master Gettig, adult and junior students are amazed by the improved condition of themselves both mentally and physically. Family participants renew and strengthen bonds of togetherness. The family program may coin the phrase "Families That Kick Together Stick together."

Jennifer Gettig

Jennifer Gettig

Eternally optimistic and full of energy describes Mrs. Jennifer Gettig, Mrs. Gettig has been involved in Choi Kwang-Do since 1999. She is a second degree black belt and Chief Instructor at the Buford School along with her husband Master Charles Gettig. Their four year old daughter is a student and currently in the black belt club of Choi Kwang-Do. She teaches at daycares as well as at the Buford School. She is also the program director for the Buford and Duluth locations. She enjoys doing Choi Kwang-Do because of the fun and energizing workouts and also for the confidence it builds learning self-defense. In her and Mr. Gettig’s spare time they do a lot of hiking, backpacking and camping. They love the outdoors and enjoy involving others in the CKD family in camping and outdoor adventures. Choi Kwang-Do has given her the ability to work with her husband on a full time basis doing what she loves, fitness. She enjoys working and helping students understand the fundamentals of Choi Kwang-Do. She also teaches belly-dancing once a week.



Gene Kerley


Gene Kerley

In 2008, Gene joined as a partner of the Buford Choi Kwang-Do Institute and has enjoyed watching the school grow and many students achieve their goals – both physically and life in general. Gene has successfully owned several businesses, but none that offer the rewards and personal joy that he gets from operating a Choi school. His belief in the Choi practice has led to his earning a 1st Degree Black Belt along with the many health benefits that it offers. Getting the whole family involved, Gene has watched his son, Ryan, earn a 1st Degree Black Belt at the early age of 7 and is now watching him make his way toward a 2nd Degree. Gene is married to Dawn, whom inspires him daily, and is the proud father of three – Ryan, Alex and Emma. Without their support and encouragement, he would not be where he is today.



1620 Buford Highway
Buford, Georgia 30518